How to Get Involved with the YALI Program

The YALI Notre Dame Program is seeking members of the Michiana Community to get involved with the 25 young business leaders from 19 countries in Africa, that will be hosted at the University of Notre Dame in summer 2015. Individuals and organizations can get involved in several ways:

  1. Peer Collaborators and Mentorship Opportunities

This will involve matching fellows with local community and business leaders. Peer collaborators (generally younger adults) and mentors will be asked to meet with their assigned fellows 3-4 times during the six week time frame. Every effort will be made to match fellows and peers by field of interest, but the primary outcome sought is the ability for the fellows and the peers/mentors to create a relationship with a potential for continuation beyond summer 2015.

  1. Family Outreach

This will involve fellows meeting with local families for fun, respite, sharing and perhaps a meal. The program will match 2-3 fellows with each host family. Preferably, families will host the fellows 2-3 times during their stay for the Fellowship.

  1. Business Visits

The program seeks both small and large businesses in the Michiana area to host the fellows for 2-3 hour session. This session would include a tour of the business or plant, and a briefing with leadership. Businesses that might have relevance to the fellows’ businesses at home are preferred.

  1. Religious Outreach

South Bend Community members are asked to advice on their availability to host fellows for weekly service. The fellows are coming from a variety of faith traditions and backgrounds.

We will be hosting an OPTIONAL overview meeting on Thursday, June 18, from 5-6 p.m. to give a very short overview of the program and to try to answer questions.  This will take place at the Charles Martin Youth Center, 802 Lincolnway West, South Bend.

RSVP on the Eventbrite set up for this meeting OR reply by email to