God, Country, Notre Dame

Author: Constantine Nyanzero

Lake Sunrise Pano 2

Guest post by Constantine Nyanzero, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow from Zimbabwe

As I stood at the lake after a tour of the campus I tried to look at it through the eyes of Father Sorin; I was captivated then as he was in 1842 by these spring-fed lakes. In his wildest imagination had he thought the campus would look like it does now? The Basilica, the Grotto of the the Lady of the Lourdes, the rich tradition of football that runs throughout the campus and through the city of South Bend and yes my favourite, Touchdown Jesus!

I was here at last, Notre Dame. The Mandela Washington Fellowship had actually kicked off. I thought the jet lag would be the most overwhelming thing, but after experiencing the architecture, the history, the people, for the first time it dawned me what this program meant. I had trouble sleeping the first two days, jet lag some said but for the first time in my life I re-reexamined what my life meant if the things I am doing now will echoe down the corridors of history as Father Sorin's vision has done.

God, Country, Notre Dame...I saw this caption in the Hammes Bookstore. God....every dorm room has a chapel, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the Mother Church of the Congregation of the Holy Cross and it's breathtaking. It underwrites that God is the centre of everything for the school. Country....the school embodies everything American, an immigrant who made it because he tried. Notre Dame....the school and community is proud of its tradition and milestones.

I cant wait to see what Notre Dame has in store for me for the next 6 weeks.