The Fellows visit the Motor City

Author: Grace Munene


The 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship Program at Notre Dame is currently in its second week. During the first week (in addition to course work) the Fellows had an opportunity to go on site visits to businesses in South Bend, Indiana and in Detroit, Michigan. While at Detroit, the Fellows visited GM Corporation, M-1 Rail, Kresge Foundation, Quicken Loans, Detroit Mayor’s office and the Motown Museum. While at Quicken Loans, the fellows were taken on a tour of the many properties Quicken Loans owns in the downtown Detroit area. The weather was sunny and cool – perfect for a great walking experience. Below is an excerpt and photos from a Facebook post that Seydou shared with his network about his experience.

‘Yesterday, with my colleagues, we spent an exciting day in the city of Detroit, the capital of the automobile, and the headquarters of General Motors. We had a fabulous guide who took us through the economic history of Detroit’.