Mendoza College of Business features YALI in their magazine

Author: Joya Helmuth

Mendoza College of Business magazine Yali graphic

Takunda Chingonzo was wearing a shirt with an ND logo as he stood in line at the Indianapolis Black Expo in July. You might guess what happens next: The guy in front of him is a Domer and strikes up a conversation. Chingonzo tells the alum he’s from Zimbabwe on his first trip to the U.S. That he’s studying at Mendoza for six weeks through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellows program. That he’s an entrepreneur with two successful technology startups under his belt and one in development. And that he’s 21 and still in college.

Intrigued, the alum invites him to dinner. A few hours later, Chingonzo has an investor for his startup, Saisai, and another connection to the Notre Dame network.

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